Why Row Hard?

After years of training and writing our own rowing programs, we realized there weren’t any online resources that were easily customizable. Plans prescribed a fixed number of days/sessions to do per week, or static target splits to hit for workouts (eg “Do 10 intervals of 500m and aim for 1:45 splits”), making it difficult for an athlete to adjust the program for their needs (should you extend the distance or adjust the effort level? If you needed to make a program 3 days instead of 4, which workouts should you drop?). The solution was to pay lots of money for a personal trainer.

Row Hard addresses this need by providing a dynamic program based on an individual’s current fitness level and training availability. While very difficult to create a one-size-fits-all rowing plan, automated program creation increases accessibility (it’s cheaper) and is flexible enough to address a variety of needs. Row Hard’s proprietary algorithm also personalizes training targets, which can be difficult for athletes to calculate as their training progresses while avoiding burnout.

For more details, check out the Philosophy page.

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